The Secret Business - cover for L’Espresso

3 millions for Salvini - cover for L’Espresso

Una lezione per tutti - cover for La Nuova Ecologia

Editori Laterza | Alberto Prunetti - Nel Girone dei Bestemmiatori
Legambiente | La Nostra Italia - I 40 anni di Legambiente

Populists’ simplified talks - for L’Espresso

Background installations for the french play Oranges Ameres by Mater Lingua

The Populists - Cover for L’Espresso
Corona Bond and Public Debt - L’Espresso

Cover + illustration for L’Espresso - Behind a popular politician there’s a Social Media Manager

Europe doesn’t have a lead - Cover for L’Espresso

For L’Espresso - 170 lives taken by the Mediterranian sea while everyone watching and Italy keeping harbours closed
Bper:banca | Come difendere società ed economia
da un evento globale

OUR COMMON HOME Climate Change campain by CAFOD

Brewbay brewery wins Barcelona Beer Fest 2019 with Darq-Side

Modigliani - Bianca Dischi

Fascism is (not)dead!

Spreading fear and chaos - Salvini’s decree

“29 years ago the Berlin Wall got destroyed“

Mocking Drugs